What is Kennel
In early February 2021, the multi currency incentive algorithm stable currency DeFi platform launched by Doge community was officially launched in BSC. Due to its popularity, after three months of research and polishing by the official team, recently, zoo cash has been upgraded to Zoo Cash v2 .
Kennel, the key product of Zoo Cash V2, which is for others to "Guard Doge" . a community-driven, fair-launched DeFi token on BSC.
The feature of Kennel is that a part of transaction fee is returned to the user,make the liquidity continues to grow.
People can exchange their TCCX, DCSX and FCBX with kennel at a ratio of 1:100m.
The Doge holders can also exchange to guard the Doge, and the exchanged Doge will be locked in the "Doge guard pool", and the exchanged Doge will be issued to the holders periodically.
Swap Kennel with Zoo Cash tokens
After Zoocash V2 launched, Zoocash tokens can be swaped with Kennel. You can use Dogecoin too.At a ratio of:
Toekn swap
TCCX:Kennel=1: 10 million
DCSX:Kennel=1: 10 million
FCBX:Kennel=1: 10 million
DOGE:Kennel=1: 100 million
Tips:The above is the initial exchangerate. As the value of the Kennel increases,the Conversion rate will decrease linearly.
How to guard Dogecoin
People can swap the Dogecoin and Kennel. After that, Dogecoin will be automatically locked, and holders can get kennel dividends periodically. In the future, the Kennel team will issue stable currency and apply wallet ecology for the exchange and lock up of Doge guard pool, so as to provide early sermon and layout for the real realization of payment function of Doge in the future.
About the Kennel token
Total supply:2000 trillion
Token burned after launch:446 trillion
The first phase swap pool:408 trillion
Liquidity pool:20 trillion
Market airdrop:446 trillion yuan
Later swap pool:680 trillion
The total supply of Kennel is 2000 trillion, of which 408 trillion are for zoocash users to exchange with Doge users (the first phase of Doge guard pool). The rest of the token will be allocated in the liquidity pool, market airdrop and later swap pool.